Protect the vulnerable from ignorance and exploitation.

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You need to know more than just the law itself and more than just the results of standard neuropsychological assessments to succeed in many instances involving elder law. Incidents of elder abuse, financial exploitation, mistreatment of adults with diminished mental capacity, and caregiver abuse are on the rise. But the situations are often complex and there are not always cut and dried answers to questions about competency and capacity.

We can help you get the insight and empirical data you need to make tough decision calls.

Armed with our unique insights and information, you will be able to approach difficult client situations with confidence and spot early warning signs of trouble before matters get worse.

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Our training, consulting, and information resources will help you:
  • Get practical help in addressing questions about client capacity.
  • Learn when to refer a client for formal evaluation and what kind of evaluation to request.
  • Help your clients find the right balance between assistance and independence.
  • Discover new tools for addressing complex conservatorship & guardianship issues.
  • Bring clarity and hope to complex and painful situations.
  Make sure that very important decisions about competency are the right decisions.
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Dr. Stone provides clear and engaging expert testimony in cases that go to trial or hearing. She also provides trial consulting behind the scenes: she can help translate neuropsychologists' reports into simple terms and help you discern their relevance to your case. In many instances, just a few hours' consulting by Dr. Stone can provide significant added value in the quest to win a case.

Dr. Valerie E. Stone

Credentials: Email Dr. Valerie Stone (vestone@gmail .com)
Postdoctoral fellowships:
  • University of California, Davis, Center for Neuroscience, 1993-97
  • Cambridge University, England, 1997-98
Faculty appointments at:
  • University of Denver, 1998-2003
  • University of Queensland, Australia, 2003-2008

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