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Upcoming Continuing Education Workshops on Capacity & Competency

July 29: Brain Injury Differentiated from Psychopathy & Substance Abuse: Competency to Stand Trial & Sentencing Options

Program Highlights
  • Detailing clear differences between people with brain injury & psychopaths
  • Explaining the causal links between brain injury & substance abuse
  • Explaining why only the most severe brain injury cases will usually meet criteria for incompetency to stand trial
  • Explaining requirements for competency to stand what kind of trial?
  • Cost-effective sentencing options: detailing evidence for effective rehabilitation in brain injury
  • Listen to our free 55-minute talk on "Protecting Clients With Brain Injury." Click here.
Dates & Locations
Golden, CO, July 29, 2011, open to staff of the Golden Public Defender's Office.

June 24: Decision-making Capacity in Developmental Disabilities: Protecting Your Child in the Transition to Adulthood

Date & Location
Tacoma, WA, June 24, 2011, 2-5 pm. Registration is closed.

Jan. 11, 2012: Diminishing Capacity or Healthy Aging? Issues in Understanding Decisional Capacity in the Elderly

Program Highlights:
Most seniors remain neurologically healthy and maintain decision-making savvy as they age. For those who begin to lose mental capacity, however, it rarely happens suddenly. Far more common is a long period of gradual cognitive decline, ultimately resulting in a state in which the person can't function well or make decisions well. Unfortunately, in the early stages of dementia, although the person does not lack full decisional capacity, they may be more vulnerable to exploitation, or simply to making poor decisions. There are also many conditions (depression, and medication side-effects) that result in some cognitive decline, but which are completely reversible, and no one in such a situation should have their decision-making rights taken away. We'll discuss a bit of the science on aging and cognitive decline, and focus on how one can navigate this grey area in legal cases involving decision-making capacity. Date & Location
The Clarion, Colorado Springs, Jan. 25, 2012, 8:00 am, El Paso County Probate Section.

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Recent Continuing Education Workshops on Capacity & Competency

  • Those Grey Areas: The Early Stages of Diminished Capacity. Feb. 17 and March 17, Elder Law Section, CO Bar Association, Denver.
  • Tools You Can Use: Assessing Social and Emotional Dysfunction in Detail. Jan. 26, 2011, Boulder-Denver Neuropsychology Study Group, Regis University, Denver.
  • Protecting your Clients’ Rights & Financial Interests: Science & Ethics in Capacity & Competency. Dec. 2, 2010, Faculty Speaker at the Advanced Elder Law Institute, CO Bar Association, Denver.
  • Being Safe & Comfortable in the Social World: Social & Emotional Competency for Teens and Adults with Asperger Syndrome and Families. (With E. Rosenberg), April 13, 2011, Autism Society of Colorado, Lakewood, CO.
  • Social Skills Deficits Must Be Included in Assessments for Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Brain Injury and Dementia. Nov. 2, 2010, keynote speaker at Institute for Cognitive Neurology (INECO) International Symposium of Psychiatry, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • For recent Continuing Education Workshops in other areas of neuroscience & the law, click here.

Taught by Dr. Valerie Stone
B.A. Harvard, 1985, Ph.D. Stanford, 1990
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